Maintenance of Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine

With the development of industry, the application of stainless-steel pipe making machine is becoming more and more widespread, whether the maintenance of each equipment in place, directly affects the quality of production, as well as the service life of the equipment. Good maintenance can even improve the safety and stability, to ensure that the production of high-quality completion. But if you are not familiar with the stainless steel decorative control tube machine, may not be able to start maintenance up. Then the next will introduce the maintenance work on the stainless steel decorative pipe control machine, I hope it can help you.
1. The electric configuration of stainless steel pipe welding unit adopts frequency conversion speed regulation.
2. The horizontal frame is a rotating frame, its rotation through the turbo-worm box and coupler, making the unit more convenient to operate and more stable to roll.
3. Forming machine and size is driven by a single motor with compact structure. Maintenance is very simple, and easy to operate.
4. For the oil pump setting of the internal leveling machine, although there is an internal filter, customers still need to carry out regular cleaning work to ensure that the oil pump will not be clogged. The air passage of the oxygen sensor should also be cleaned regularly to prevent too much oil from clogging and short circuit.
5. The loading frame adopts a rotatable parallel four-link cantilever double reel mechanism, which can be wound during the working of the unit, which can reduce the preparation time and enable the unit to be produced continuously without bending needle.
6. The vertical position can be adjusted horizontally or individually in the base, and it can also be adjusted vertically.
7. The centerline of the spindle of the first two welding grinders and the rolling centerline can be adjusted, and the weld seam is polished from both directions of the staggered direction. The center of the latter is the center of the welder, and the weld seam is directly ground at an angle of 90 degrees to the rolling centerline, making the polishing effect better.
8. the horizontal frame is a two-way side out of the analysis frame bracket, when the need to replace the velvet, loosen the outer bracket fixing bolts, the narrowing of the frame on both sides respectively, flexible adjustment.
The above is about the maintenance work related to stainless steel decorative control tube machine, hope it can help you.

Maintenance of Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine1

Post time: Dec-16-2020