• Wheelbarrow Production Line

    Wheelbarrow Production Line


    We supply a complete wheelbarrow production line. A wheelbarrow is a carrier, usually having only one wheel, consisting of a tray with two handles and two legs. Actually, we supply most feasible production lines to produce all types of wheelbarrows for using in the garden or construction or farm.

  • Automatic Hoop-Iron Making Machine

    Automatic Hoop-Iron Making Machine


    The Automatic Hoop-Iron Making Machine uses the principle of thermal oxidation of metal steel strip, through the controlled heating of the base strip, to form a stable blue oxide layer on the surface of the strip, making it difficult to oxidize (rust) freely again in a short period of time. 

  • High Frequency ERW Tube & Pipe Mill Machine

    High Frequency ERW Tube & Pipe Mill Machine

    ERW Tube & Pipe Mill Machine Series are the specialized equipment to produce high-frequency straight seam welded pipe and tube for structural pipe and industrial pipe with Φ4.0~Φ273.0mm and the wall thickness δ0.212.0 mm. The whole line can reach high precision and high speed through optimization design, best materials choice, and accurate fabrication and rolls. Within a suitable range of pipe diameter and wall thickness, pipe production speed is adjustable. 

  • Tile Roll Forming Machine

    Tile Roll Forming Machine

    Tile Roll Forming Machine Production Line is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, unique buildings, roofs, walls, and interior and exterior wall decorations of large-span steel structures. It has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, rich color, convenient and quick construction, anti-seismic, fireproof, rainproof, long life, and maintenance-free.

  • Expanded Metal Machine

    Expanded Metal Machine

    Expanded metal mesh machine is used produce the expanded metal mesh, also is called expanded ...
  • Cold Rolled Ribbing Machine

    Cold Rolled Ribbing Machine


    Cold Rolled Ribbing Machine, simple operation, intelligent and durable.

    Cold-rolled ribbed steel bars are widely used in residential and public buildings, infrastructure.



    Model No.: CWE-1600


    Metal embossing machines are mainly for producing embossed aluminum and stainless metal sheets. metal embossing production line is suitable for metal sheet, particle board, decorated materials, and so on. The pattern is clear and has strong third-dimension. It can be assorted with the embossing production line. Metal sheet embossing machine for anti-slip floor embossed sheet could be used to make various type anti-slip sheets for many various functions.

  • stainless-steel Industrial pipe making machine

    stainless-steel Industrial pipe making machine

    Stainless-steel Pipe Making Machine Series was mainly used in the production of industrial stainless-steel pipe. As welded pipe technology development, stainless steel welded pipe has replaced the seamless pipe in many areas (Such as chemical, medical, winery, oil, food, automobile, air conditioner, etc.)

  • High Quality Chain Link Fence Making Machine

    High Quality Chain Link Fence Making Machine

    High Quality Chain Link Fence Making Machine suitable for making all kinds of electric galvanized, hot galvanized, plastic coated wire diamond nets and fences, according to customer requirements can be customized width optional 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm

    (note: the wire: hardness and tensile strength of about 300-400)

  • Straight Wire Drawing Machine

    Straight Wire Drawing Machine

    The straight wire drawing machine is used to draw low carbon, high carbon, and stainless steel wires. Upon the customers’ request, it can be designed for different inlet and outlet diameters of the wires.

  • High Speed Barbed Wire Machine

    High Speed Barbed Wire Machine

    High-Speed Barbed wire machine is used to produce barbed wire widely used for safety protection function, national defense, animal husbandry, playground fence, agriculture, expressway, etc.

  • C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

    C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

    C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine adopts gearbox drive; the machine operation is more stable; it adopts post-forming shearing to ensure the product’s quality and avoid port deformation.

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