Tube Mill&Pipe Machinery

  • Automatic Hoop-Iron Making Machine

    Automatic Hoop-Iron Making Machine


    The Automatic Hoop-Iron Making Machine uses the principle of thermal oxidation of metal steel strip, through the controlled heating of the base strip, to form a stable blue oxide layer on the surface of the strip, making it difficult to oxidize (rust) freely again in a short period of time. 

  • High Frequency ERW Tube & Pipe Mill Machine

    High Frequency ERW Tube & Pipe Mill Machine

    ERW Tube & Pipe Mill Machine Series are the specialized equipment to produce high-frequency straight seam welded pipe and tube for structural pipe and industrial pipe with Φ4.0~Φ273.0mm and the wall thickness δ0.212.0 mm. The whole line can reach high precision and high speed through optimization design, best materials choice, and accurate fabrication and rolls. Within a suitable range of pipe diameter and wall thickness, pipe production speed is adjustable. 

  • stainless-steel Industrial pipe making machine

    stainless-steel Industrial pipe making machine

    Stainless-steel Pipe Making Machine Series was mainly used in the production of industrial stainless-steel pipe. As welded pipe technology development, stainless steel welded pipe has replaced the seamless pipe in many areas (Such as chemical, medical, winery, oil, food, automobile, air conditioner, etc.)

  • Automatic High Speed Slitting Line

    Automatic High Speed Slitting Line

    Automatic High-Speed Slitting machine is used for a coil with different specifications, through uncoiling, leveling, and cutting to length to the flattened plate as needed length and width.

    This line is broadly applying in the metal plate processing industry, like a car, container, household appliance, packing, construction material, etc.

  • Cut to length line

    Cut to length line

    The Cut To Length Line which are used for uncoiling, leveling and cutting the metal coil into the required length of flat sheet material and stacking.It suitable for processing cold rolled and hot rolled steel, coil, galvanized steel coil, silicon steel coil, stainless steel coil, aluminum coils etc. into different width according to the user’s production demands and cut as well.