Wire&Cable Machinery

  • Cold Rolled Ribbing Machine

    Cold Rolled Ribbing Machine


    Cold Rolled Ribbing Machine, simple operation, intelligent and durable.

    Cold-rolled ribbed steel bars are widely used in residential and public buildings, infrastructure.

  • High Quality Chain Link Fence Making Machine

    High Quality Chain Link Fence Making Machine

    High Quality Chain Link Fence Making Machine suitable for making all kinds of electric galvanized, hot galvanized, plastic coated wire diamond nets and fences, according to customer requirements can be customized width optional 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm

    (note: the wire: hardness and tensile strength of about 300-400)

  • Straight Wire Drawing Machine

    Straight Wire Drawing Machine

    The straight wire drawing machine is used to draw low carbon, high carbon, and stainless steel wires. Upon the customers’ request, it can be designed for different inlet and outlet diameters of the wires.

  • High Speed Barbed Wire Machine

    High Speed Barbed Wire Machine

    High-Speed Barbed wire machine is used to produce barbed wire widely used for safety protection function, national defense, animal husbandry, playground fence, agriculture, expressway, etc.

  • High Speed Nail Making Machine

    High Speed Nail Making Machine

    High Speed Nail Making Machine is specially designed for manufacturing Various sizes of nails. We provide various equipment types, which are easy to operate, safe to use, and reliable to run. We also supply all kinds of sub-parts and special auxiliaries.

  • Electrode Rods Production Line

    Electrode Rods Production Line

    manufacturing equipment, advanced production technology, stable product quality.