Process Flow of High Frequency Welded Pipe Unit

High frequency welded pipe equipment mainly consists of uncoiler, straight head machine, active leveling machine, shear butt welder, storage live sleeve, forming sizing machine, computerized flying saw, milling head machine, hydraulic test machine, drop roller, flaw detection equipment, baler, high frequency DC drag, full line electrical appliances, etc. The characteristics of high frequency welded pipe unit are: high welding speed, small welding heat affected area, welding to the workpiece can’t be cleaned, weldable thin wall pipe, weldable metal pipe.

High-frequency welded pipe unit production process mainly depends on the product variety, from raw materials to finished products need to go through a series of processes to complete these processes require a variety of machinery and equipment and welding, electrical control, testing devices, these devices and equipment in accordance with the different process requirements have a variety of reasonable arrangement, high-frequency welded pipe typical process: longitudinal shear – uncoiling – strip leveling – head and tail shear – strip butt welding – live sleeve storage – forming – welding – burr removal – sizing – flaw detection – flying cut – initial inspection – pipe straightening – pipe section processing – hydraulic test – flaw detection – printing and coating – finished products.

Take the decorative pipe control machine as an example, the equipment production process mainly includes the following aspects.

1. Loading: through the loading rack will be placed in order with the steel strip, through the motor power traction transmission steel strip to the forming section, all the way to continue.
2. Forming section: the flat steel strip through the roll die extrusion molding, the beginning of the stainless steel pipe prototype.
3. Welding section: the two edges of the steel strip rolled up, through the welding machine high temperature welding, known as the stainless steel pipe weld.
4. Grinding section: the high temperature state of the stainless steel tube through water cooling welding, grinding the stainless steel tube weld bump, improve the flatness of the weld seam.
5. Sizing and straightening: the roundness of the stainless steel tube drive degree by welding high temperature and water cooling will have a slight deformation. Sizing and straightening through the rollers, the final determination of the roundness or squareness of the stainless steel pipe.
6. Cutting section: through the saw blade cutting or hydraulic cutting, according to the actual needs of the user pipe length intelligent cutting pipe.
7. Cinder the material: by under the material home, no damage no pressure to place the semi-finished products.
8. Polishing: semi-finished products are transported to the stainless steel pipe polishing machinery for the finished product surface packaging engineering brightening.
9. Packaging: the bright product crystal decorative tube through the packaging machine or manual packaging for shipment.
Understand these 9 points, about the stainless-steel control tube machine equipment production process is no problem. Good wine needs no bush, but also to use the right method, as well as find a good manufacturer to have one-on-one guidance.

Process Flow of High Frequency Welded Pipe Unit1

Post time: Dec-16-2020