What are the characteristics of industrial Steel Pipe Production Machine?

Industrial pipe production line can make stainless steel and carbon steel pipes, with diameter 12.7mm-325mm, thickness 0.3mm-8mm. The products are mainly pipes and tubes used in petroleum, petrochemical, construction, shipbuilding, military, electric power, mining, coal, machinery manufacturing industries.

Tube Mill1Tube Mill2

What advantage does our pipe production machine have?
At this time, we will always introduce the characteristics of our steel pipe machine,such as The ERW tube mill and SS tube mill:
1. Vertical support synchronous device and digital table: convenient debugging machine;
2. Double welding torch: fast production speed with proper welding system;
3. Automatic & Hydraulic grinding section: polish automatically, control grinding accurately;
4. ERW Tube & Pipe Mill, complete with un-coiler & strip-head shearer & butt welder station & forming mill & sizing mill & cold flying saw & conveyor table & stacking & packing machine. The optimized design, high-quality material selection, and strict heat treatment process guarantee the high precision, wear-resisting, and long life of the roller.

5. The ERW tube mill with high-strength design, material selection, precision machining, stable operation, and energy conservation.Tube Mill3

Post time: Dec-20-2021