What is embossed steel plate

Embossed steel plate is a steel plate with a raised (or recessed) pattern on its surface. Embossed steel plate, also known as patterned steel plate, is a steel plate with diamond-shaped or raised edges on its surface. The pattern can be a single diamond, lentil or round bean shape, and can also be a combination of two or more patterns properly combined into a combination pattern plate. The pattern mainly plays the role of anti-slip and decorative. Combination pattern plate's anti-slip ability, bending resistance, metal saving and appearance and other aspects of the comprehensive effect, are significantly better than the single pattern plate.

1-willow leaf pattern
2-star pattern

Embossed metal sheet is produced by rolling the pattern into the sheet. It is widely used in daily life, the most common is to make as the antiskid plate, and the most popular pattern is the willow leaf pattern.

3-application in daily life
4-application in daily life

Then how to make embossed steel plate?

Our CWE-1600 Metal Embossing Machine can produce this kind of embossed steel plate.

5-metal sheet embossing machine

CWE-1600 Metal Sheet Embossing Machine is different from the other types embossing machine in the market. Our machine rollers are all high temperature forged and chrome plated, with high quality, good durability and extremely resistant.

The steel plate pressed out by our machine will not curve, and the pattern is more three-dimensional and smooth.

More than 30 kinds of decorative pattern to choose, the patterns also can design according to customer requirements.

6-pattern drawing

Metal Sheet Embossing Machine the use of mechanical equipment in our life has played a very important role, the use of Metal Sheet Embossing Machine to improve the work efficiency of embossing, embossing brought convenience, making embossing into the mechanization.  However, in order to prolong the service life of the embossing machine, we need to regularly maintain and maintain the Metal Sheet Embossing Machine.

Post time: Jul-01-2022